UPDATE: Jurors sequestered in Mineola child sex ring case

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Late Wednesday afternoon, the judge in Dennis Pittman's trial ordered the jury to be sequestered after a motion from prosecutors.

Pittman is accused of sexual assault of a child and engaging in organized criminal activity for his alleged role in the child sex ring.

In court, the defense in the Dennis Pittman trial continued to make its case calling to the stand an operator and customers of the Mineola swingers club.

"It was a daycare previously and it was full of day care furniture, cribs," said Sherry Adams, the woman who ran what was called "The Retreat."

It was a place for children, turned into a swingers club. The location Dennis Pittman is accused of making children dance and perform sexual acts with adults. Wednesday, his defense team questioned Adams.

"We knew a lot of people that were in to the swinging and it was either drive to Dallas or drive to Shreveport to the nearest one," said Adams.

Dennis Cude testified he visited the club with friends, as a joke.

"There was a woman sitting there maybe in her 20's dressed in a leather outfit - maybe like a dominatrix outfit," said Cude. "Behind her there was a big screen showing adult porn."

Shocked by what he saw, Cude says he stayed for 10 minutes and did not see every room.

"Did you ever walk out to the back of the place?" Cude was asked.

"No sir," Cude replied.

Adams described the inside of the club, pointing out bedrooms, a swing and hot tubs.

Regardless of what happened behind closed doors, both witnesses claimed there were never kids at the club.

It was a place in Mineola that was meant to be discreet.

John Cantrell, the foster parent of one of the alleged child victims, was also called to the stand Wednesday afternoon. He used his 5th amendment rights and did not testify. Pittman's defense will continue Thursday at the 241st district court.

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