Family and Friends Remember Sgt. Shelby Green as a Passionate Helper

So much of Shelby Green's spirit is left at his mother Nellie's home.

"As he would tell me. 'I am just doing my job, momma' that was it," says Nellie. "'I am just doing my job.'"

Nellie lived next door to her son, and can still recall Shelby saying how risky it was being an Anderson County Sheriff's investigator and former narcotics officer. But, it always came back to family for Shelby.

"Every time he would get in a situation he would say I can't get killed," says Nellie. "I can't get killed; I have my boys to raise."

Then the news no one wants to hear. Shelby wouldn't be coming home to his boys and the rest of his family and friends who love him.

"You never anticipated anything like this," says Doug Lightfoot, Shelby's friend. "Even though it can always happen, you never anticipate it will happen to you or any of your friends."

Shelby's dear friend Doug Lightfoot says there was so much people adored about Shelby... his giving spirit, honesty and the way he loved his family.

"He had all of his kids pictures hanging up. He was very much a good father," says Doug Lightfoot.

Shelby's other pride and joy was his Award of Valor he received in 1999 for assisting another officer during a shoot out. His family at the Anderson County Sheriff's Department says that was typical Shelby.

"He lived and breathed law enforcement," says Deputy Tammy Lightfoot. "He loved being here and when he got the chance to be an investigator it just made his day, made his life even better."

His colleague, Tammy Lightfoot, like Shelby's family at home, says there is a hole in their hearts after this senseless killing.

Tammy says, "He will be sorely missed."

Shelby Green's funeral service is scheduled for Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at the Evangelistic Temple in Palestine.

Dana Dixon, reporting