Knife Found Yards Away From Tabb Stabbing Scene

It's been two days since minister Michael Tabb, who's accused of murder, was found stabbed on the U.T. Tyler campus. Now a knife has been found close-by.

Divers and police officers had been searching a large pond on the campus, feet away from where Tabb was found bleeding. Since Tuesday, the hunt had been on for a weapon, and just after noon Thursday, one was found -- thanks to the help of the Smith County Metal Detecting Association.

Michael Tabb was to be in court Tuesday morning. He was expected to plead guilty to the beating death of his wife Marla in the couple's home in Troup.

Instead, passers-by found him near death on the school's campus. Already, the D.A.'s office has said they believe Tabb's wounds were self inflicted. Tabb is still hospitalized.

   Morgan Palmer, reporting.