Man claims he killed chupacabra

NORTH TEXAS (CNN) - A north Texas man claims he has killed a chupacabra. David Hewitt says he shot it Friday when it got too close to his cattle.

He says, from a distance, it looked like a hairless chihuahua only much bigger. But when he got closer, he decided it was indeed a chupacabra, an exotic name for a mythical bloodsucking creature.

"The claws on the toenails, that's nothing like I've seen on a coyote," said Hewitt. "And it's skinny, little pointed tail sure looks like a possum tail to me. Lack of hair. I have never seen any kind of animal that doesn't have hair on it."

This is the second supposed chupacabra spotted in Hood County just in the past four days.

Hewitt hopes state officers will give him an answer and solve the mystery of what's hiding in the bushes.

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