Harleys Rev..... Up! for Tyler

A Tyler Rose they're not, but Harleys are just as breathtaking to the thousands of Harley riders easing into East Texas from all over this week.

"It's about the journey," says Bennie Latch, Lone Star Harley's Davidson.

Benny Latch and Lone Star Harley Davidson are looking forward to sharing the joyride.

"Who did you ride with when you were coming here, what did you experience on the road, what did you see?" asks Bennie.

A statewide Harley rally in Tyler is a first. The bikers who are also celebrating the 100th Harley's anniversary are looking forward to this. "Coming together as one big family and it is a family so it makes it real exciting," says Bennie.

Sherrie and Sidney Hodge travelled more than 700 miles to ride the roads of East Texas.

"You take all walks of life," says Sidney Hodge from Atlanta. "They have one thing in common, riding motorcycles, you meet some of the neatest people."

"It's always interesting to see all of the bikes and all of the exhibits, the things that they offer at all the rallies," says Sherrie Hodge.

Other out-of towners like the Hodges from Atlanta are on their way to the Texas HOG rally that revs up Thursday night and takes off Friday morning.

"We've been really excited about this. We've been waiting for months for them to come in," says Cathy Cannon, Holiday Inn Select. Cathy Cannon at Holiday Inn Select says they're booked and so are the others.

"I hope Tyler realizes how much this will do for our city."

6000 bikers could mean big bucks for the Rose City. Definitely a ride to remember.

Dana Dixon reporting