New Eagle Scouts honored in Hawkins

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Two young East Texas men have achieved the highest rank a scout can achieve. Troupe 391 scouts Tyler Smith and Blake Simmons of Hawkins have both been in scouting for years , and sport a flurry of merit badges.

"I feel grateful that I had such great adult leaders in our troupe, it made scouting enjoyable here in Hawkins," says Tyler.

"These guys represent what it means to be an Eagle Scout. I've been watching them, and was a scout master when they joined the troop. They're about as good a kids as you'll see," says former scoutmaster Ron Rutherford.

In a time honored ceremony , they were both part of the Eagle Court of Honor, both achieving the highest rank of scouting. Eagle.

"Of everybody that takes scouting , only 4 percent make it to eagle" says troop scoutmaster Wesley Marsh.

Only 4 out of every 100 will make it this far.

"I feel great, its taught me how life is going to be and teaches you what you have to do in life," says Simmons.

A bigger achievement, is the lesson of finishing what you start.

"You really have nothing to show for it if you don't, just a tremendous help in anything you would ever do in life," Smith says.

Simmons is planning to convert his scouting experience in service to his country , by joining the armed forces.

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