Lightning strike destroys home

By Sara Story - bio | email

HIDEAWAY, TX (KLTV) - During Saturday's storms, a lightning strike ignited a massive fire at a home on Winged Foot Drive in Hideaway, near Lindale.

Flames shot through the roof, while black smoke filled the sky. It was a devastating scene, and officials say it was caused by lightning.

Today, the Upshaw family sorted through the ashes of their home. "The main impact of the lightning was in that vicinity where the wall is coming down," said Gary Upshaw as he pointed to the burned right side of his home.

"We designed it ourselves, it was my dream home. This is what we have wanted forever," said Sharon Upshaw.  Their dream home was destroyed, even the backyard pool is filled with ashy water.

The Upshaws spent Saturday afternoon at the lake. They were on their way home and pulling up to their street when they heard thunder. "Just a loud clap of thunder, of course you didn't think anything of it," said Sharon. Gary added, "It never entered my mind that it would cause the devastation that it has obviously."

The family went inside their house, not knowing it had been struck by lightning and was on fire. "My son and grand daughter had gone upstairs to change clothes, and he came down and yelled out, 'Mom, the house is on fire!' and ran downstairs," said Sharon.

Everyone inside escaped unharmed. "We just stood around here and watched it spread and get worse and worse and worse," said Gary. Sharon added, "We are lucky. I mean, you can replace things. We made it out."

As the couple surveyed the damage, they were surrounded by a concerned community. "We've got the greatest set of friends and neighbors that you could ever hope for. So we are very very blessed with that, and they are taking good care of us," said Gary.

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