Bushels of blueberries a' plenty

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EDOM, TX (KLTV) - Did you know that blueberries don't ripen anymore once you pick 'em? This summer, farmers tells us there are plenty more ripe blueberries just ready to be plucked from the bush.

As the saying goes...when in Edom..."Pick-n-Edom," pun intended.

Blueberry farmer Chuck Arena owns Blueberry Hill. He says this year's bushes are loaded with more blueberries than he's seen in a decade producing a perfect patch of blueberries.

"Larger, and sweeter than I've ever seen," said Arena. Chuck says that's left him with ten full acres at peak more blue than pink.

But some still like the pink and of course, more blueberries mean more pies and more preserves, meaning more: muffins, sandwiches, ice cream, pancakes, and whatever could be helped with a little blue.

Blueberry Hill Farms is located just a few miles north of Brownsboro on Highway 314 in Edom.

The owner says the blueberries will be ripe for the picking 7 days a week, this season, from 7 AM to 5 PM.

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