Berman continues work on Immigration bill

By Layron Livingston - bio | email

TYLER (KLTV) – Despite looming legal problems over a controversial immigration law in Arizona, one Texas lawmaker says similar legislation is needed here.

"I think the lawsuit is ridiculous, said Representative Leo Berman (TX-District 6), "We should have state sovereignty to protect our residents, or protect Texans, or Arizonians if the federal government refuses to do it."

That's why Berman has legislative council currently drafting a new immigration bill for Texas. Like the Arizona law, Berman's bill would allow police to deal with illegal immigrants and target businesses who hire them.

"I don't think the Arizona bill is constitutional and I think it's going to be defeated," said Longview Immigration Attorney Jose Sanchez, "I'm kind of disappointed and upset that people like Leo Berman and other representatives that think like him are spending their time and their efforts on these anti-immigration bills instead of making our economy better, our communities safer."

Berman will not be deterred, "I think the court will rule in Arizona's favor. I don't see how they can do anything else." Although he knows that if the Arizona measure is shot down his version won't have a chance.

The Immigration bill written for Texas also calls for "sanctuary cities", areas where large populations of illegal immigrants live, to be destructed.

The next session of the Texas legislature begins in January.

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