"Voices That Aren't There:" After Killings, Doctor Explains Psychosis

The East Texas woman is accused of killing two of her sons and injuring a third over the weekend. Police and a judge say Deanna Laney appears confused and is in emotional turmoil.

All who knew Deanna Laney said there were no signs that this mother of three was about to do the unthinkable. All she told police was that she "had to."

"She may already be hearing voices telling her to do something, but this can be so frightening to the woman she won't tell anyone about it."

Psychiatrist Greg Seal is describing a clinical illness-- Post-Partum Psychosis.

"It's not just being depressed. It's getting confused, being disoriented, not knowing where she is."

It is a dangerous situation. But many more women have Post-Partum Depression, an illness that still needs treatment, and one that loved ones should watch for.

"[Women] lose interest in things that she liked to do... now sleeping well -- either not sleeping much, or not sleeping at all."

Depression may come on gradually, but it could be sudden for those with psychosis, which usually comes out soon after childbirth in one out of every 500 women. Feelings toward the child may change or there may be signs she's not in touch with reality. As for Deanna Laney, her condition is unknown. Police say she told them God made her kill her children.

"Particularly if the voice is God, then 'God told me to do this, and I have to do what God says.' I don't think people who are psychotic can be held responsible for what they do in the face of voices."

Right now, Laney's defense won't say what their court strategy will be. It's a case where everyone wants to know... Why?

Right now, Deanna Lane is on a 24- hour suicide watch.

   Morgan Palmer, reporting.