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Online health tips for women

Released by Claire Henderson with Longview Regional Medical Center:

Longview, TX - Beginning July 6, the Healthy Woman program is moving to a new online platform.

At, new and existing members can register for upcoming events, read timely health articles, and exchange messages with like-minded Healthy Woman friends. Members will also have access to an award-winning online health library that includes 12,000 adult and pediatric topics in both English and Spanish.

"We wanted a current, streamlined way to reach our members who are primarily between the ages of 24 to 65 to give them an easy way to register for events, as well as be the first to receive upcoming event information," said Claire Henderson, Marketing and Public Relations for LRMC and the Healthy Woman Coordinator. "Plus, it's a great way to be green and economical with printing and postage."

The Healthy Woman program at Longview Regional Medical Center was created two years ago to help women make informed health and well-being decisions.

"Statistics tell us that women make close to 90 percent of the health care decisions for their families," says Cindy Terry, Healthy Woman advisory council member. "For some, it's not just about ourselves and our children; many of us have to make these choices for aging parents, too. Healthy Woman is a unique program to help women with these issues. Plus, it's a fabulous networking opportunity to connect with women who are similar and going through related life issues."

Monthly, the Healthy Woman program at Longview Regional Medical Center hosts seminars, educational programs, health fairs or other types of fun, health-related events to educate and empower women with knowledge and confidence to make smart decisions about their health and well-being," said Henderson. "Our programs are dedicated to improving the emotional and physical well-being of women and their families."

Since the program kicked off in 2008, more than 1400 women have become members of this free, monthly resource. The 2010 monthly Healthy Woman presentations have covered everything from pertinent information on heart disease, cancer, learning disabilities, nutrition, breast cancer awareness, Barrett's esophagus, heat exhaustion, skin cancer, prostate cancer and other health threats. We celebrate our Anniversary of the program each August and end the year with a fun-filled Holiday Party!  Additionally, all members receive a complimentary, monthly e-mail health newsletter, "Healthy Woman Today."

"The Healthy Woman events have been fun learning opportunities that are free of charge and have opened my eyes about how I can fit a healthier lifestyle into my busy schedule. It allows me to learn more in-depth information about specific health issues," says Healthy Woman member and mother of two daughters, Natalie Rabicoff. "It's also a great way to connect with other women and have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from local health care professionals."

To confirm that you would like to remain or become a free Healthy Woman member, you will need to sign up for new membership and create an account at

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