New texting "tech" makes phones safer

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The telephone cord used to keep talkers on a short leash. Cell phones then changed the game, letting us not only talk but text nearly anywhere.

Statistics now show the dangers of each when used while driving and some say just walking. Cell phones used to only require us to listen, then texting brought cell phone convenience but also forced people to look.

"Walking and texting you don't look where you're going," said Melody Tennyson."You don't know who's in front of you or behind you and you might bump into them and cause confusion with the people you done hit."

Tennyson is no stranger to phone distraction, she's just a quick flip away from texting.

"It ain't nothing but trouble driving and texting only causes accidents walking and texting cause accidents but not worser than driving." said Tennyson.

But still plenty painful, last year a New Jersey teen fell in an open manhole she didn't see while texting.  A rising number of accidents even prompted health officials to issue a warning that phone companies are beginning to take notice of

"There's new applications out one is called email and text which actually utilizes the phones camera and it uses it as the background," said cell phone specialist Carlo Lollar.

The aptly named email and walk, a one dollar app works as promised. "As you type the background stays there and moves with you so that way you can see everything that's going on while you're typing." said Lollar.

Voice to text programs are also popular options, we try Dragon Dictation. You tap the app to dictate and it records your prospective text. We try it three times before an accurate translation, using the same amount of time as a phone call or multiple traditional texts.

Before critiquing the dragon dictation program too harshly, you should know it is a free app on the I-phones.

Cell phone guru's say when it comes to the voice to text programs user quality goes up considerably with the price tag.

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