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Proud Of East Texas: Helen Smith

By Joan Hallmark

Helen Smith never fought for our country in war, but for over 64 years, she's been fighting for our war heroes. When Helen married Gordon Smith, a survivor of the infamous Bataan Death March, his cause to help MIA's and POW's became hers.

The couple worked together, encouraging MIA families and helping them find closure in the long absence of husbands, fathers, and sons. Gordon died ten years ago but at the age of 83 Helen continues their work.

Dr Billy Knight knows first hand how devastating the "not knowing" can be. His brother Roy was shot down over Laos in 1967, leaving behind a wife, three small children, and a family already suffering from the loss of one brother in World War Two. Knight says it's good "we have tenacious people like Helen Smith who doesn't forget. "

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