Everyday Hero - Jenny Montalvo

I am about to introduce you to a very dedicated Everyday Hero.  Have you ever seen someone who has a heart for caring for others that never seems to tire?  It is obvious when you meet them that they are not in it for the money, or the publicity, but purely the desire to improve another's life.  And that is KLTV's Everyday hero for this month.  I am speaking of Jenny Montalvo, a teacher at the Saint Louis School in Tyler.  Jenny was selected as T-I-S-D's Teacher of the Year because of her work with the special needs students at the Saint Louis School.  But her gift for nurturing special needs kids does not stop in the classroom.  Jenny fosters a special needs child in her home and teaches a Sunday school class for special needs adults.  For most people, just one of those of fronts would be exhausting, but for Jenny, it is her love.  Obviously, she has taken her gift and made a great impact on those in need around her.  A friend describes Jenny as someone who "loves kids and loves opening her doors and her life to them."  So certainly, she can be an inspiration for us all.  Jenny Montalvo, touching and impacting special needs kids in our community and KLTV's Everyday Hero, making this a Better East Texas.