Spending habits on shoes no surprise to women

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - $25,000...That's what women will spend in their lifetimes on just shoes, according to an English study. Perhaps even more surprisingly, the study says more than half the women do not feel guilty about it.

"I think that women spend more money on shoes because we need new shoes for an outfit," said shoe shopper Tiffany Jackson. "We need shoes for self esteem want to be beautiful that day, maybe because their on sale."

Riecia Hulsey echoed Jackson's sentiment," I don't know [why they help] if you're having a bad day shoes just make you feel better."

The report says an average woman buys 7 pairs a year, meaning more than 450 pairs in a lifetime.

Sylvia Daniel

"100 to 200 pair at least," said Sylvia Daniel's. "[maybe] 200 pair of shoes?...that's just really sick."

4 out of every 10 women surveyed said they judged other women, not by walking a mile in their shoes, but by their shoes alone.

"[It's] not in a bad way," explained Daniel's, "But its easier to get shoe compliments than any other thing I think."

Most men, like Don Daniel's just don't get it. "She has some shoes that she has never worn she could probably go in the shoe business herself," said Daniel's.

A statistic making boyfriends and husbands wince, 4 out of every 10 said they lied about how much they spent to their significant other.

"Definitely, you don't want to tell them how many shoes you really have," said Diana Vansickle.

The study says that, on average, a woman owns 19 different pairs of shoes at an average price of $53 a pair.

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