Water provider explains Gladewater problems

Posted by Morgan Chesky

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - Following numerous customer inquiries on water quality within Gladewater, the company who serves the community, Veolia Water North America wishes to reassure worried residents with the following statement released today.

"Owing to temporary changes to the treatment process and maintenance flushing of the water system, some Gladewater customers are experiencing a change in their water's coloration and odor. These issues will disappear soon and the water remains safe to drink.

The additional work was necessary to ensure that Gladewater residents receive clean and healthy water and is a routine procedure within in the water services industry. As a result of these temporary changes, Gladewater's water quality will actually be higher.

As the changes work through the system, any clarity and odor issues will go away. We estimate that the system will be fully flushed in 1-2 weeks.

Any further questions should be directed to the Gladewater Water Plant at 903-845-3715 or the Veolia Water Public Works at 903-845-2586."

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