Father Of Five Killed In Industrial Accident

A 41 year old father of five is killed in an industrial accident at the Eastman Chemical Company.

Eastman officials say Mark Mitchell was unloading material Sunday, into the waste incinerator area when a fire occurred.

Mark's death is the first work related fatality at Eastman in more than 25 years.

Mark was also a reserve officer with the Gregg County Sheriff's Department.

A ceremony on the courthouse lawn was already planned for Monday.

It was a time to honor officers killed in the line of duty.

It was also an opportunity for men and women to mourn the loss of reserve officer Mark Mitchell.

"Mark is survived by his wife Lisa and five children. Take just a moment to remember the Mitchell family in prayer."

For four years Mark was a deputy with Gregg County.

"He started in jail and then moved over into patrol. He was always cheerful always eager to work always do any job you ask of him," says Deputy Chief Chuck Williford.

Mark began working for Eastman about ten years ago.

He continued to stay connected to the Gregg County Sheriff's Department.

He was a reserve officer and his wife, Lisa, is a dispatcher.

"I guess you always ask that, why does it happen to good people? And people that are hard working, out there trying to make a living? You wonder how much a family has to take sometimes. Why certain families have more things happen to them than others, but she's a strong woman. She's proved that in the past and I'm sure she's gonna have a struggle but we're gonna help all we can," says Williford.

Mark has a child from previous marriage.

He and Lisa have four young children.

"He'll be severely missed by us as friends by us in law enforcement. I'm sure by anyone else that knew him," says Williford.

Funeral services for Mark Mitchell are set for Wednesday at 4 o'clock at Mobberly Baptist Church.

Amy Tatum, reporting.