Horse Smackdown

David Wesley spent 14 years in the NBA, but he had never faced a challenge quite like this.  The Longview native took on Ryan and Coleman in a game of horse.  Wesley's been retired since 2007, but he hasn't lost his shooting touch.

Wesley quickly put the 7 Sports team in a hole, hitting his first two shots.  Coleman missed, then Ryan did the same.  But after taking an 'H' and an 'O', Coleman hit a three pointer from the corner.  Wesley missed, giving him an 'H'. Coleman then followed with another shot from nearly half court.  Wesley missed again.  The game was even 'H-O' to 'H-O'.

Wesley quickly found his shot, hitting his next two.  Ryan and Coleman both missed and were left with 'H-O-R-S'. After several misses on both sides, Ryan finally hit a shot.  The joy didn't last long as Wesley easily answered with a swish.

Wesley then drained another three pointer from the corner.  Coleman had to match the shot, or the game was over.  Coleman's shot went in and out.  The 7 Sports guys go down 'H-O' to 'H-O-R-S-E.'

When asked where this win ranked in his career, Wesley was blunt.

"It doesn't rank up there," he said.  "I enjoyed beating you. I didn't want to lose that game."