What drives 'Vampire Fever'?

By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They're fiction's hottest heroes, and women are flocking to the big screen to catch a glimpse of them. The latest in a series of teen vampire movies has set a box-office record. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, took in nearly $70 million in its first day- the best ever for a Wednesday movie opening.

Vampires have come a long way from Count Dracula. Today, they saturate pop culture. These creatures of the night can be found in books, on TV, and on the big screen.

"Vampires were supposed to be really scary. They are supposed to be like dark and gritty, and now they are like fantasies. It definitely weirds me out," said Elliott Hill. While men may not understand the craze, women are singing the praise of men with fangs.

The obsession with the Twilight saga began with a series of books, and once the story moved to the big screen, book store owners say it's hard to keep copies on their shelves. "[They're]very popular, I mean like I would say number one," said John Riaz, the owner of Timeless Books and Music.

The Twilight fascination has even led to a new type of mystical fanfare, with older women and men looking to take a bite of pleasure from the books and movies. Fans of the series are commonly known as "twi-hards".

Some women say the attraction lies in the vampire physique. "It's just amazing cause he just stands there and he says, 'It's the skin of a killer,' but it's beautiful," said Shelby Johnson, a Twilight fan.

Other's say it's about the love story. "When I was a kid, we liked The Lost Boys, you know, and this is so much better. This is a better love story and not as creepy and scary," said Emily Bush, an admitted Twi-hard.

According to experts, the attraction goes deeper. "People by nature are attracted to what is bad," said Jan Hughes, a licensed professional counselor. She added, "Women see bad boys as strong, and therefore, a woman thinks she should be protected."

"I know it's kind of dangerous, but I think all love is dangerous," said Johnson.

No matter the reaction to these paranormal characters, the attention surrounding today's blood suckers is hard to miss.

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