Cooking Up A Storm: Popcorn Ball

Popcorn Ball

1 scoop Blue Bell Caramel Kettle Crunch Ice Cream (approximately 2/3 cup)

1 pretzel rod

Finely ground roasted peanuts

Insert pretzel rod at least half-way through (but not completely through) the ice cream scoop.  Roll scoop in ground peanuts or sprinkle the peanuts on the scoop until the scoop is covered in a layer of peanuts.  Wrap the "popcorn ball" in plastic wrap and store in freezer for one to four hours.  Unwrap and serve immediately using the pretzel rod as an ice cream stick to hold the dessert.  Makes one serving.

Note:  You could also use a combination of finely ground pretzels and finely ground peanuts OR a combination of finely ground caramel corn and finely ground peanuts to coat the ice cream.