Police warn of mail thefts

Released by Kevin Brownlee with Longview Police Department:

On July 1, 2010, Longview Officers responded to a report of mail found in the roadway on Beverly, Live Oak and Carnegie Streets. Upon closer inspection, it was determined the mail had been stolen from mailboxes on Columbia, Miami, Clarendon, Stanford and Georgia Streets.  Owners of the mail told officers the outgoing mail had been opened and checks had been stolen.

The United States Postal Inspector's Office in Fort Worth is investigating the thefts in conjunction with the Longview Police Department Criminal Investigations Division.

The Longview Police Department recommends that outgoing mail, specifically items of mail containing checks, only be placed in a postal drop box or given directly to a mail carrier.  Please do not leave received mail in your mailbox for extended periods of time, as anything left in a mailbox is vulnerable to thieves.

Residents are asked to keep an eye out for possible mail thieves and to call police if they see any suspicious activity.