Dash cam video shows teenager open fire on officers

West Memphis Police Officer Bill Evans
West Memphis Police Officer Bill Evans
West Memphis Police Officer Brandon Paudert
West Memphis Police Officer Brandon Paudert

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Mike Walden has released parts of an Arkansas State Police report, and dash cam video of a violent shootout in West Memphis, and says he doesn't anticipate pressing any charges against the officers involved.

The video being released is dash-cam video from West Memphis Police Officer's Bill Evans camera, as well as video from the Wal-Mart surveillance cameras.

In the video you can see Officer Paudert arrive on scene, and a short time later the officers placed Jerry Kane against the S-U-V. Paudert can be seen arguing with Kane, when Kane all of a sudden ran away from them.

That's when 16-year-old Joe Kane opens the passenger side door with an AK-47 and open fire on the officers. A short time later you can see the teenager return to the car and then his father follows throwing papers in the window.

As the Kane's left from the scene, Joe Kane can be seen shooting firing another 4 rounds at Officer Paudert who at that time lay dead in a ditch.

Other police officers arrived on scene after the shooting, and in a couple of the dash cam videos you can see Officer Evans' lying in the road.

The other piece of video released to the media is the Wal-Mart surveillance video. The Kane's are seen pulling into Wal-Mart, where at one point Joe Kane getting out of the van and going into Wal-Mart to purchase something. Prosecutor Walden wouldn't elaborate what the younger Kane purchased inside.

A short while later, The Kane's were trying to leave the parking lot, when Crittenden County Sheriff Dick Busby & Chief Deputy W.A. Wren pulled in front of the van. Jerry Kane can be seen getting out of the van and opening fire at the deputies. Busby and Wren were both injured in the shootout.

The video also shows Arkansas Game and Fish Officer Michael Neal ramming the van on the driver's side, disabling the van. Neal and the Kane's exchanged gunfire at that point. From that point on you can see officers surround the van, opening fire after the younger Kane continued to fire.

Since both of the suspects were killed by police, Walden says one of the things his office is investigating is excessive force by police in the shootouts. Walden says there is no timeline when the investigation will come to an end, but says he doesn't anticipate filing any charges against the officers involved in the shooting.

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