Tyler archers grow in numbers, wins

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The concept is pretty simple.

"it is just stick and string, and it is a lot more fun."

For these archers, it's noo guns, no bullets, only bows, and bullseyes.

"I met a bunch of these guys at the Tyler Archery Club, and it just became real competitive."

In fact, the Tyler Archery Club, knows nothing but winning.

"It is just kind of like throwing a baseball, you don't think about anything, you just focus on the target, and you just come on up, and when you get to that point, you let go," said George Fritz, who recently placed 2nd at the state archery tournament, "so yeah, it is fun, I like to be a little better at it."

In the past week, several of its members, both young and a bit older, took home top finishes in state shooting competitions.

"Winning a tournament is really nice, why we have so many winners I dont know," said Garrick Hayes, who won the open competition at the state tournament, "we just have a lot of good shooters, alot of good helpers, alot of people practice alot, and a good facility to do it."

"Oh, it made me feel really really good," echoed Mollie Forrestier, who won the youth state championship.

For some, winning is great, but the competition also comes with perks, every girl dreams of.

"Knowing that you are competing against the boys, it makes you feel good to know that you can beat a boy at something," said Forrestier and her shooting mate Sami Clay, who took 2nd at the state tournament.

While many will choose the gun, these few, will choose the bow.

And several have, currently the Tyler Archery Club enlists more than 120 members, and travels all across the state and country competing.

And winning.

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