Police escort for cop killer?

Posted by Janis Demarest - email

DALLAS, TX (WFAA) - Funeral services were held Friday for David Brown Jr., the man police say killed Lancaster police Officer Craig Shaw last weekend.

Brown is also the son of Dallas police Chief David Brown Sr.

Now there are questions about why the alleged killer received an honor usually reserved for our city's heroes. Brown's funeral procession got an escort by a dozen Dallas police motorcycle officers to the cemetery.

The revelation sparked words of regret and disgust from the City of Dallas and its police department Friday night.

"The Dallas Police Department was placed in a situation of embarrassment today," said Glenn White of the Dallas Police Association. "This person was afforded an opportunity that is not provided to normal citizens."

The city said Chief Brown had nothing to do with his son's escort; one of his deputies, Julian Bernal, ordered it — reportedly to help the procession navigate through traffic.

"That excuse is basically B.S.," White said.

Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm issued a statement late Friday saying:

"Without my knowledge, approval, and contrary to my specific instructions to not attend the funeral in uniform, motorcycle units were called to assist the funeral procession. This was not a planned event nor a full honor escort. The action will be fully investigated and may lead to disciplinary action."

Jo-Ann Jackson is furious at Deputy Chief Bernal. Jackson's husband, Brian, was murdered on-duty five years ago.

"It is a slap in the face to anyone who has lost a spouse in the line of duty," she said.

Other police unions are also calling for discipline of Bernal.

"We believe there should be something immediately done to remove this chief from command," said Mike Walton of the Fraternal Order of Police. "Officers no longer have confidence in him."

But Bernal told News 8 he has no regrets over his decision to authorize the police escort for David Brown Jr. "Would I resign? Absolutely not. I have no reason to," Bernal said, adding that he welcomes an investigation.

The city said that investigation is forthcoming.

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