Ranchers Bring Buffalo Back to East Texas

They once roamed the great American plains by the tens-of-millions. Now, the North American bison, or the buffalo, is being brought back to East Texas by some local ranchers.

The buffalo once covered North America in massive herds that stretched for miles, but they were nearly wiped out during the pioneer days.

Hawkins rancher Roy Amos is one East Texan who's trying to bring them back. Amos bought 30 head from a North Dakota ranch, surprisingly they're priced around the same as cattle and he loves the reaction he gets from people stopping to look.

For young and old its a treat, some having never seen a real buffalo. Amos plans to fund his repopulation of buffalo in an ironic way, there's a market for buffalo meat. So by selling a few meat animals, he can buy more and breed more and perhaps a new generation of buffalo will thrive in East Texas.

Bob Hallmark reporting.