Beer now for sale in Jacksonville

By Jamey Boyum - email
Posted by Janis Demarest - email

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - Voters in Jacksonville approved a measure to allow beer and wine sales on May 8; more than a month later one store is now permitted for alcohol sales.

The Super Gallo Mercado started selling beer on Friday. Store manager Tony Wilburn says he had 1,700 cases delivered last week and Monday received another 700.

George Douglas who formed "Progress Jacksonville", a pro-alcohol group, used the argument of increased tax revenue to get the issue on the ballot in May and today Douglas says it's case that's already proving true, "It's a start and it's certainly .99 more than they had Friday,"said Douglas.

The sale of alcohol isn't only bringing in new tax money but increased revenue, "We got a lot of new customers coming in and we were real happy about that... being the first, said Wilburn.

One customer we talked with says he's happy about the change in Jacksonville, adding that it saves him a 30 minute drive.

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