McCown ready for starting chance

By Coleman Swierc

JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS (KLTV) - It has come full circle for Luke McCown.

Once a star at Jacksonville High School, McCown now sees himself in the NFL, for Jacksonville no less.

"It is kind of funny when you think about it, to know that eventually everything comes full circle," said McCown.

Luke was back in his hometown this past weekend, as part of the McCown Passing Camp.

When he heads back to Jacksonville, Florida, he will start is journey to possibly becoming the Jaguars starting quarterback, a job he has waited for, for a long time.

"Sometimes you have to play the waiting game," said McCown, "and I have played it for along time, almost seven years."

To become the starter, McCown would have to beat out longtime and incumbent starter David Garrard.

"Like anyone, I want to be out on that field, I want to play," said McCown, "But I also understand that my job, whatever it is, is to help my team win championships, and I am going to do that whether I am the starter or in whatever role the team needs me in."

Luke will join the rest of his Jaguar teammates when the meet for training camp coming up on July 28th.

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