Suspects still sought in Myrle street shooting

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Authorities have now ruled the discovery of two bodies in south Longview a homicide. Investigators say they are now back to square one in searching for clues in the two Longview deaths.

Police say 28 year old Laura Beth Sullivan and 19 year old Zocorius Gray were found in an upstairs apartment on Myrle street Thursday morning, both dead from gunshot wounds. Neighbors say they heard a vehicle speeding away after the shots were fired, but the license plate that was thought to be evidence at the scene has been ruled out, and police are still looking for a motive in the case. For residents , even children, the sound of gunshots in the neighborhood is a familiar one.

"I just said, why they got killed? I heard two gunshots," said 11 year old neighbor Eduardo Salazar.

"More than likely its drug related , I mean its Longview," said 18 year old neighbor John Grubbs.

Detectives say they are pursuing numerous other leads, but an arrest has not been made yet.

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