Miranda Lambert honors Lindale teachers

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LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - It was a trip of a lifetime for two East Texas teachers. Miranda Lambert honored her favorite teachers in Nashville. She says they helped her get over stage fright and perform in front of crowds.

Janice Caldwell and April Coker returned from their trip Thursday night, and soon they will be seen in classrooms across the nation on posters.

"It will say behind every famous person is a fabulous teacher," said Caldwell.

Featured with one of their former students, Miranda Lambert, it will be posted in 100,000 schools.

"I was so excited," said Caldwell. "I went into my classroom and told everyone, 'You are not going to believe this. I'm going to be in a photo shoot with Miranda!'"

"I started crying on the phone and then I composed myself and thanked her and got off the phone and just ran into the cafeteria," said Coker. "They were watching a video. I flipped on the lights and I said, 'Stop! I've got something to tell y'all!'"

It is a trip the two will remember forever. They arrived in Nashville for the photo shoot but were given much more - like tickets to the Nashville Rising concert benefiting flood victims, and an invitation to Lambert's engagement party. It was star treatment for teachers who impacted Lambert's high life.

"I helped her not quit school and April helped her graduate from school," said Caldwell.

"When you work so hard all these years and you have somebody that is so successful but then they remember your efforts for them to help them then it just hits you in the heart," said Coker.

It was a week of appreciation that meant the world to the two East Texas teachers.

"When you are standing there and Reba McEntire hugs your neck, I said, 'Oh my goodness,'" said Caldwell. "But, this is the neat thing. I am putting it all on Facebook and so many of my former students said, 'Reba McEntire should have been excited to have been hugged by Mrs. Caldwell.'"

Caldwell has been a teacher for at Lindale ISD for 19 years. Coker spent 22 years with Lindale ISD and now works outside of the district.

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