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Horseshoes Smackdown

The 7 Sports team accepted the challenge of horseshoe pitching from Ed Thigpen.  Thigpen was the heavy favorite, with a the home court advantage in his back yard.

"I've been pitching for over 27 years," said Thigpen.  "I've been to two world tournaments and been a class world champion."

Playing best two out of three, the games were to 21.  Thigpen made quick work of Ryan and Coleman in game one.  Thigpen was hitting ringers right off the bat.  Coleman managed to score the 7 Sports team one point, but that was it.  Thigpen wins 21 to 1.  That one hurt.

In game two, the 7 Sports team hung in for the early part of the game.  Ryan and Coleman only trailed 7 to 4.  Then it got ugly, as Thigpen scored the next 14 points.  Thigpen won again 21 to 4, winning the series 2 to 0.

Thigpen says Ryan and Coleman need some practice, but it would take a while.

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