A Better East Texas: Lift the Moratorium

A federal judge in New Orleans granted an injunction to lift the moratorium that the Obama administration imposed on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. The Interior Secretary quickly countered and it looks like this issue will go before an even higher court while the energy business suffers and suffers badly. This ban on drilling in depths greater than 500 feet is crippling not just to the oil companies but also to the thousands of support businesses that are put into the idle mode while this issue is being settled. The entire Gulf and much of the Pacific coast is dotted with communities and cities whose local economies depend on the off-shore drilling business and let's face it, our dependency on oil as a country has continued to grow and we must find additional reserves if our nation's economy is to grow in the future. This moratorium is truly an overreaction by the White House as to the condition of the petroleum industry. This was a terrible accident but it is just is not practical to shut down the entire industry because of this one accident. It is absolutely a call to the industry to magnify the presence of backup systems to keep this from happening again but we have to move forward – our economy cannot take an extended break from this type of drilling.  So drop the moratorium and carefully drill again – restoring jobs and making for a Better East Texas.