Police: Payless Shoe Store robber captured, rain played role

Shoe store robbery suspect, Jon David Nichols. Photo Source: Jacksonville Police
Shoe store robbery suspect, Jon David Nichols. Photo Source: Jacksonville Police

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JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - The Payless Shoe Store in Jacksonville on Highway 69 was robbed at gunpoint just before noon. Police say it was the rain Thursday that helped them catch their man.

Tiffany Dudley was working at Payless Shoes around 11:30 a.m. and had several customers to check out, but one lingered longer than the rest.

"He brought a pair of flip-flops to the counter," said Katherine Dudley, Tiffany's sister. "And, she was like, 'Is that all for you?' He was like, 'Actually, no, this is a robbery.' She looked up and he had a gun underneath his shirt and she was like trying to put in her number so she could get the money out for him. Then, he left."

According to Jacksonville Police, this man, Jon David Nichols, 47, then jumped on a Harley and left the scene. Police converged on the store, gathered evidence and began searching for the suspect.

The Payless was re-opened shortly after the suspect was spotted by Anderson County deputies on Highway 69. He had pulled over to wait for the rain to stop when deputies were able to place him under arrest.

"He was possibly on a stolen motorcycle out of the Galveston area," said Sgt. Daniel Franklin, with Jacksonville PD. "He had the weapon. [It is] unknown at this time if the weapon was stolen or not. He had the weapon on him and a large quantity of cash."

Anderson County is holding him on a felon in possession of a weapon charge, but he will be charged with armed robbery when he is transferred to Cherokee County Jail.

According to police, Jon David Nichols did not point the handgun at Dudley and no shots were fired.

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