Jana Love Battles Breast Cancer

Jana and her husband Archie have been married 20 years and they spend most of their nights watching old movies on TV.

They have two sons and moved to Mineola four years ago so Jana could be closer to her parents.

"My daily life was pretty care free," she said.

But one day this past December, Jana's life changed in an instant.

"I could feel a hardness in my breast that I wasn't used to," she said.

She immediately made an appointment to see her doctor. She had a mammogram and the results were not good.

"He told me, 'we have a little cancer here' and I thought he was being pretty light about it because as far as I was concerned my life was over," Jana explained.

She needed a lumpectomy and quickly started four cycles of chemotherapy. Two weeks in she started losing her hair.

"First it just came out a little bit at a time," she said. "I tease my hair to give it fluff and the first time I really noticed it was when I went to tease my hair and it just came out. So that evening I just had Archie leave and I just went in and I started pulling it out and it just came out by the handful there was no resistance."

Today it still has not fully grown back.

Our short journey with Jana began the first week of April when she started radiation therapy.

"It doesn't hurt," she says. "I don't feel anything I just listen to it. I have to not move at all be real still while they take the pictures and zapp me so I glow in the dark I guess.

By week two things are still going well. Radiation doesn't make her sick and she's not be burned or gotten any lesions. But there have been surprises.

"I didn't expect all of these purple marks on me and I didn't expect not being able to shave under my arms."

Week three saw more changes.

"I've gained 15 pounds since I found out I have cancer and it is horrible.

By week five Jana only has a few radiation treatments left. She is a survivor. Her fears have been quenched and her life is slowly getting back to normal . And she hopes her story will let others know breast cancer does not have to take over anyone's life.

"I don't think you can prevent having cancer but early detection can save a life."

Jana will be finished with her radiation therapy next Thursday. Her doctors are very confident the treatment has been successful and she will remain cancer free. And remember this Saturday you can help in the fight against breast cancer at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Bergfeld Park. Things kick off at 8 in the morning.