Darts Smackdown

In the second 7 Sports Smackdown, Ryan & Coleman received a challenge to soft tip darts.  Tommy Jones and his girlfriend Beth were sure to be on target.  The 7 Sports team thought they were in trouble after the challengers showed up with their own darts.  The teams played best two out of three games to 501.  The teams rotated players, getting 3 shots every turn.  Each team starts with 501 and attempted to cut their total down to zero exactly.

In the first game, Tommy and Beth took a big lead, by more then 100 points.  Coleman finally got the 7 Sports team going with some big scores.  Ryan started to help out and slowly the guys were back in contention.  It was fitting that the 7 Sports team was stuck on seven points.  Ryan stepped up and hit a seven, to win the first game.

In game two, it was Ryan and Coleman jumping out to a big lead.  Tommy and Beth trailed by more then 200 points.  But the 7 Sports team ran into trouble.  They needed a six to win, exactly.  After several near misses, Tommy and Beth had their own chance to win.  Finally Ryan stepped up again and hit the six to win.  The 7 Sports team gets on the board with their first win, 2 games to 0.

Tommy was a good sport but wants a rematch.