Table Tennis Smackdown

In our first 7 Sports Smackdown, Tyler native Drew Boring challenged Ryan & Coleman to table tennis.  Boring is a nationally rated player, and he was good from the start.  Ryan came to the table for the first set.  Boring immediately took the lead.  Ryan couldn't even keep the ball in play.  And when Ryan did return the ball, it was slammed right back at him.  Boring took the first game 11 to 0.

Coleman tried to salvage the challenge, and had a little more luck.  After Boring took an 8 to 0 lead, Coleman scored three straight points.  After that, Boring went back to work and slammed home the final three points.  7 Sports goes down 2 games to 0.  When asked to assess Ryan & Coleman's table tennis skills, Boring called it "pretty poor."