Day-long manhunt has happy ending

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - WOOD COUNTY, TX - A nearly day-long manhunt for an East Texas teen came to a successful end Tuesday.

The search, covered 100 acres near Wood County Road 3270 just off FM 14. It centered around Charlie Bittner, 18, son of Mineola Police Chief Chuck Bittner.

The search began shortly after Bittner's son disappeared from his home around 5 p.m. Monday.

More than 150 volunteers, two DPS helicopters, bloodhounds, multiple fire departments, and Wood County law enforcement worked through the night and into Tuesday looking for Charlie.

"We normally lots of response," said Lt. Jerry Blaylock, with the Wood County Sheriff's Department. "When we call for help the community is just overwhelmingly supportive with everything we need."

"We were out here all night riding around the roads and the backwoods looking everywhere," said neighbor, Tracy Douglas. "I did it because I love the family and people out here they probably don't even know him just good people good people."

Authorities say it was Bittner's father who eventually found his son. Charlie Bittner was taken to a Tyler hospital. We are told he is being treated for dehydration.

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