County to renovate dangerous stretch of highway

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas county has approved plans to renovate a dangerous stretch of highway.

A 15-mile run of highway between Longview and Easton has seen a high amount of multiple car crashes.

The Gregg County Commissioner's Court has approved an emergency budget amendment to use $5,700,000 of the capital improvement fund's cash reserve.

"TxDOT is putting millions of dollars into this project as well," said Bill Stoudt, the Gregg County Judge. "[The] city of Longview is participating as well. So again, you are going to see more projects like this between TxDOT, the county, and the city of Longview. I'm a big proponent of participation to get projects like this done."

Construction will begin in October and will go through the summer of 2011.

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