Sheriffs investigate apparent murder suicide

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

TYLER,TX (KLTV) - A gruesome discovery in an East Texas home, as a couple is found dead from an apparent murder-suicide. Police say their kids were in the West Lakeshore Drive house the entire time.

"What we saw, the gun and the way the bodies are and the gun at the scene, it just leads us to believe it's a murder suicide, " says Smith County Sheriffs Lieutenant Tony Dana.

The handgun and the home belonged to Thomas Blow, an attorney who ran a small office in Tyler.

"The couple had just gone trough a recent divorce we know that, the children , ages 5 and 7 were over here visiting for fathers day weekend," Dana says.

Ex-wife 25 year old Kinsey Lynn Lewis-Blow had been dropped off by a friend at the residence in order to bring several items to her children. She walked up to the house and her friend stayed in the vehicle," he says.

She never came back.

"So the friend walked down to the house and that's when she discovered the bodies, the children were in a totally separate area of the residence they did not have a clue what happened," says Lieutenant Dana.

"Tragic very tragic, we've got two little kids involved and its apparent that now they don't have a momma and a daddy here on fathers day weekend , very tragic," he says.

Autopsies have been ordered on both of the bodies. The couples children are now staying with family members.

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