Purported Saddam Tape Urges Resistance

BAGHDAD, Iraq-- An audiotape purportedly recorded this week by deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein calls on the people of Iraq to reject the "invaders," while promising that victory is coming.

"I am talking to you from inside great Iraq," the voice on the tape says, "and I say to you, the main task for you, Arab and Kurd, Shia and Sunni, Muslim and Christian and the whole Iraqi people of all religions, your main task is to kick the enemy out from our country."

There was no way to authenticate that the tape was made this week, nor could it be immediately proven that the speaker on the tape was Saddam.

According to an article in Wednesday's edition of The Sydney Morning Herald, two men gave the tape Monday to the Australian newspaper's reporters in Baghdad.

"The tape came into our hands pretty much by luck," Herald reporter Ed O'Loughlin told CNN.

"I didn't smell a setup. These were not people trying to sell a story for money. They weren't even particularly interested in talking to me. They were just trying to get directions [to the Palestine Hotel]."

The men hurriedly drove away after giving the tape to the Herald, saying it was the latest speech by Saddam, reportedly recorded Monday morning