Peeping Tom has East Texans on edge

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texans are keeping an open eye out for the man they say has been secretly eyeing them. A strange man peeking through windows is making it hard for residents at the Hollyview Apartment complex in south Tyler, just off Waljim Street, to sleep.

Concerned residents are afraid the voyeur could turn violent.

"Past couple nights haven't gotten much sleep," said Alison Isbel. "Neighbors have told me they've seen him walking behind my building on a couple different occasions."

"My upstairs neighbor told me he saw him at my bedroom window at like midnight three or four nights ago," said Amy Waters.

But, Friday, no one knows who or where the man is who has become a late night window watcher.

"He's pretty well hidden," said Waters. "He just disappears. I don't know."

Waters is one of the few who has seen the strange man in daylight.

"I guess I creeped him out by watching him and he turned and ran the other way and ran out of the complex," said Waters. "It's like he's scoping out all the females in this complex...That's my take on it, he's seeing what he likes."

Alison Isbel does not know who the man is, but knows he has been watching.

"I have also seen footprints outside my bedroom window," said Isbel. "He comes around here he stays close to the bushes and then he goes back behind the building but he stays really close to the building like about a foot."

The man then makes his way from window to window.

"We noticed that if you got down and looked up you could see through the window if the light was on," said Isbel, who says a recently installed security light and baby powder to catch footprints brings peace of mind. Still, she continues to warn neighbors for her safety and theirs. "I would hate for someone to get hurt and then it ends up I feel bad because I didn't say something about it."

"We just want to sleep good at night without having someone at our window," said Waters.

To find the man, Tyler Police have increased patrols in the surrounding area and created a description. Eye witnesses describe him as a young black male in his mid 20's around 6' tall with an athletic build. The man has been seen primarily wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts.

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