Fugitive leads police on chase before capture

Jose Gerardo Vasquez. Photo Source: Gregg County
Jose Gerardo Vasquez. Photo Source: Gregg County

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A fugitive wanted by the FBI is captured by police, but not before leading them on a dangerous chase through a Longview neighborhood.

It happened Thursday evening around six, when Longview Police spotted the fugitive's car on Loop 281, then chased it to Birdie Place.

Jose Gerardo Vasquez, 26, was wanted for conspiracy connected to drug distribution.

Dash-cam video shows how Longview Police spotted the car of wanted fugitive Vasquez.

"Jose Vasquez was wanted as part of a FBI local authority round-up last week of methamphetamine manufacturers," said Kevin Brownlee.

Police say Vasquez was a major cog in the conspiracy ring the Bureau was looking for. Realizing he had been spotted, Vasquez took a chance, instead of going down the highway he ducked off on Birdie Road in a heavily populated area perhaps feeling he could get away on foot.

"Evidently Mr. Vasquez had been informed by family members or friends that authorities were looking for him because when Officer Hall turned around, Mr. Vasquez ran," said Brownlee.

He circle the parking lot of a fast food restaurant went several blocks into a neighborhood. Vasquez raced through the streets and tried to circle back.

"Anytime they go into a populated area, you're increasing that risk by the amount of people that are outside," said Brownlee. "It's summertime. Kids are out of school.

But, after a small army of squad cars surrounded him, Vasquez got the message and surrendered.

Vasquez was booked into the Gregg County Jail for the outstanding warrant and additional charges of evading arrest with a vehicle, a state jail felony.

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