Ding King: "Does It Work?"

Drive a car long enough, and you're going to get dents and dings. Until now, you've had two choices, live with it or head to a body shop. Perhaps that's why we've gotten so many requests to check out the Ding King. You've seen it on TV. The guy knocks a dent in the hood of his car and the Ding King pulls it right back out, just like new. But this week we put it to the test to answer, once and for all, the question... "Does It Work?"

The Ding King came to us by mail in a plain cardboard box. You get the pulling bridge and pulling tabs. Hot glue gun and glue sticks and a solvent solution that doubles as a surface cleaner. The old Channel 7 live van, with all its dents and dings was our project. But we picked out just two. We'll call them dent #1 and dent #2.

Operating the Ding King is easy enough. First clean off the dents with the solution. That insures good adhesion between the metal surface and the glue. The supplied glue gun is a good one. And as we'll learn, the glue's of pretty good quality too. The glue goes on the dent pulling tab. We'll use the large size first. Apply the tab with the glue to the center of the dent and wait 5 minutes. The pulling bridge slides over the the bolt on the other end of the pulling tab. Then you start dialing for dents with the supplied wing nut.

If you've seen the commerical, this is where the glue is supposed to release the pulling tab pulling the dent out along with it. On our first try, the glue let go-- but the dent didn't move at all. The glue stayed on the van. And there was one piece of equipment we didn't mention earlier... the scrapper. It becomes very important at this point.

We did mention the quality of the glue. This stuff sticks. It's definitely heavy duty. We tried some solvent and some more scraping. More solvent. And more scraping. Seven minutes later we had managed to get the glue off and we were ready to try again. In fact, we tried 3 more times with the same result. With that, we started on dent #2. Glue on the tab. Put the tab on the center of the dent. Wait five minutes. Pull... And... Nothing. Nothing but more scraping to do.

We've put 2 hours into the process by now with nothing to show and finally we got someting to show you. The glue started pulling the paint off near a rusty part of the van due to all the scraping.

Just for fun, we tried it on a smaller door ding. But big or small, the results were the same.

So... "Does It Work?"  Is the Ding King worth a ding? We give it a "no".

We paid about 29 dollars for the Ding King.