Special Ed Students Prepare For Big Prom Night

They were picking out their dresses Tuesday for the second annual Crystal Ball, Friday night's prom for special education students.

"I'm getting really excited to get my hair done," Kim Blow says, "Because it's gonna look so lovely for my boyfriend, Jason."

They've been looking forward to this ever since the magic night last year. Kim still remembers what a great time she had.

"You know what, it was a ball," she says, "Because I had fun getting pictures taken, and I had fun interacting with other people, and pigging out, and dancing with my boyfriend."

Some of their dresses were donated by Tyler's Brides and Belles, and expert help was given just to make sure the girls look their best.

"They put these dresses on," Jo Ann Owers of Brides and Belles says, "And they look at themselves in the mirror and they go, 'Oh I look pretty,' and they get so excited."

"When they're 60, they'll be talking about this prom they went to with their family, and about how special it was."

Kim and her friends have already made their plans for Friday night.

"I'm gonna dance with everybody," she says, "I'm gonna boogie out there and have so much fun. I'm gonna pig out, and I'm gonna dance until I get so tired."

Just like everybody else, these kids want everything to be perfect for their magic night.

The second annual Crystal Ball will be held Friday night at seven at the Rose Garden. They expect two hundred and fifty people to attend. This year's theme is "Magic Moments."

If you'd like to donate or volunteer, you can call 903-561-7871 for more information.

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