Prank may have cost Longview restaurant business

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Did a childish prank cost a Longview restaurant owner and his employees their business? The business owner says a prank note left on his restaurant, indicating racial discrimination, threatens to close his business down.

Ever since June 4th, the owner and workers of Taqueria el Lugar in Longview say business has been a disaster.

"We had a group of guys come in here and eat and they left a note underneath our now hiring sign that read no whites and it was on a napkin and ever since this happened business has went down a little bit over half," said Ulises Ordorica.

On the day this happened one of the workers noticed that one of the three men that were sitting at the table tore off a napkin and began writing something on it, then headed to the front door, it was not until much later they found out what it said and more importantly where it was. Not long after, a cell phone picture of the note started making the rounds.

"Right away, business slowed down and I mean people were calling the restaurant asking why we would put such sign up like that," said Ordorica. "We lost a lot of clients already. I hear a lot about how people won't ever come back in here because of this...That would be ignorant off myself to do something like this because the majority of my customers are American - white Americans."

Along with the drop in customers, Ordorica says his business has been vandalized.

"[They] throw soda, ice cream and not sure what else there was but they throw it all over the building," he said. "[It] hurts tremendously. I hope I'm not having to shut down....[It] might have just been a prank...but it happened and I just hope business gets better from here on out."

He hopes people will see what really happened, and has one final message for whoever did it.

"Thanks for ruining my life," he said in a message to the men. "[I] just hope things get better, honestly, it's just been real tough."

A police report was filed for the vandalism so far no suspects or arrests have been made.

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