A Patrolman's Prayer

There has never been any doubt in Craig Mrosko's mind what he was to do with his life. He has always wanted to be a police officer, regardless of the dangers he knows comes with the job.

"You never know whats going to happen to you and the way I look at it is, I'm doing this job, something could happen to me, I could get shot, stabbed, you just don't ever know and I could be killed. But I want to be ready when I do die I believe I'm gonna go to heaven. And being in this line of work you have to have that assurance, that comfort to know," says Craig.

On a rainy January morning the four year Henderson police veteran came to rely on that assurance. What could have been just another normal day turned potentially deadly, when a man decided to lead officers on the most dangerous chase of Mrosko's career.

"The danger of the vehicles on the road. You saw on the tape (police dashboard camera) how many cars they were meeting...trucks...how many intersections they were going through," says Police Chief Randy Freeman. "There are many dangers in pursuits, they are very dangerous just by nature."

The chase went on for miles. The suspect at one point crossing a median meeting oncoming traffic at speeds exceeding one hundred miles an hour. The chase then cut off the main highway and headed down a back road. That's when Officer Mrosko knew he need more help than his colleagues could provide. Racing down the back road., confusion and danger everywhere, Mrosko's dashboard camera records a prayer. "Lord I pray, please protect me...keep us safe, please let this end," Other parts of the patrolman's prayer are interrupted by radio communication, but he goes on to pray for his, other officers and even the suspects safety. "When I prayed...I can't really explain it I just did," says Mrosko. "I do it all the time when I'm at work and several times during the day. I may not do it out loud but I do. I just felt like I needed to pray so I did."

"Its surprising in the midst of all the confusion to hear that prayer," says Chief Freeman, "and then the amazing thing is to see that prayer answered." During the chase one sheriff's car and a D-P-S unit were in crashes that totaled their cars. The suspect continued on, many times on the wrong side of a very hilly roadway, for another ten or 15 miles. But in the end, no one was injured. "We should expect prayers to be answered," says Freeman, "but to actually see it unfold before you on the screen and to realize that prayer was answered because no one was hurt. The pursuit ended successfully so when everybody gets in their car and drives home well it was a successful pursuit. It is a good feeling for me that I have officers that are Christians and that they practice what the preach and that they believe it."

Talking with Officer Mrosko, you quickly learn his dedication to law enforcement. But people in Henderson now know his dedication to serve and protect runs much deeper. "I by no means consider myself perfect, I'm not god's police officer," says Mrosko, "but I try my best to live my life the way God wants me to.

Clint Yeatts, Channel Seven News.