Hazmat called to scene of Longview crash

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Released by the Longview Fire Department:

LONGVIEW, TX - Shortly after the hour of 8am Fire Units responded to a motor vehicle accident on Hwy 259 just North of Hawkins Parkway. While conducting a scene assessment Longview Fire Department crews discovered a chemical leaking from an Extermination Company's pick-up that was involved in the accident.

One patient was transported to Good Shepherd Medical center to be treated for injuries sustained as a result of the accident. The Longview Fire Department Hazmat team was able to contain and confine the spill of Cyflorine (pesticide) which did not leave the roadway or cause an exposure to either of the drivers or the environment.

Northbound and Southbound traffic on Highway 259 was diverted by Longview Police officers for about 1.5 hours during the event.