Man swears he saw Big Foot, 911 calls released

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CASAR, NC (WBTV) - If you've ever lived near or even visited the Northern part of Cleveland County, you've probably heard of Knobby. Back in the 70's, Knobby was the legendary Sasquatch that inhabited certain parts of the county.

The beast made a name for himself with dozens of sightings and even a movie made in his like-ness.

But the Knobby hysteria quickly died down. Until Tim Peeler reported seeing a Bigfoot beast in his own yard.

"He come right by me and walked right back out that path," Peeler said, pointing to a small path leading into a densely-wooded area surrounding his house.

Peeler says he called 911 and reported seeing a beast in his yard. The call came in around 3 a.m. The calls were released on Wednesday morning and Peeler can be heard on the calls explaining what he saw.

The man says the beast came out of the woods and walked right past him. Peeler said he "talked rough" to the Sasquatch and poked him with a stick.

Peeler says he didn't have time to grab his camera and snap a picture. He says next time he'll be ready. And he says there will be a next time.

The legend of Knobby has even sparked a Facebook page, click here to view it.

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