School Bus Overturns in Quitman

During the storms Monday afternoon, the driver of a Quitman school bus lost control... the bus slid sideways into a ditch.

It happened on FM 778 within the city of Quitman. Only two people were on board, the female driver and a pre-teen boy. Both were wearing their seatbelts which kept them from serious injury. A witness says the driver wasn't speeding, but the streets were very slick.

Gerri Eiles said, "There is a curve right there, and her rear end slid on around toward my direction. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw her pulling -- she went sideways on the road. Then she caught this ditch over here and flipped on around over."

The driver wasn't hurt. But the crash knocked out one of that small boy's teeth. We're told the baby tooth was loose already.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.