Sheriff's Office Introduces New Mobile Command Center

The Smith County Sheriff's Department is making drug dealers pay the community back for their crimes...literally. The department revamped its new mobile command center using seized drug funding.

"It didn't cost taxpayers one dime to my knowledge," says Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith."We used drug forfeiture funds to put it together, so we now have a system that is just outstanding and going to be used all over the southwest."

The command center, once a traveling trailer, is now equipped with a high-powered media center, computer network stations and radio communications capable of tapping into state and federal frequencies. Not to mention, four direct phone lines, which will eliminate the dependency on fickle cell phones.

The trailer also replaces an old van which has served as the county's mobile unit since the mid-20th century.

"The bus wasn't made for a command center, but this one is" says Smith County Sheriff J.B. "We ripped out the entire inside, and even set up a place for hostage negotiations."

The trailer was originally donated to Smith County by the U.S. Marshal's office.