Sinkhole survivors happy, but hurting

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The couple was driving to work when the road disappeared, swallowing their car with it.

"We really didn't know what was happening, our first thought was that someone had hit us head on."

It was a scene out of a movie and the special effects were provided by Mother Nature. A car, swallowed whole...and Tommy Moore was in the driver's seat.

Tommy and wife Jaci sat trapped for an hour and a half before rescue arrived. That night the couple traded the growing sinkhole for a hospital room.

"We came back out Friday," said Tommy. "They had all this equipment and all the men working and by Friday afternoon they had the sinkhole completely repaired."

The destroyed road proved to be a quick fix, far different than the situation now facing Moore's family.

"It scares me when I think back to it," says Moore's wife Jaci, who is reminded of the sinkhole scare at every look in a mirror with cuts and bruises.

"[We are] very lucky, very lucky because we think back and it could have been a lot worse," said Jaci.

The family's only car wasn't as fortunate. It sits in their front yard, chewed up by the sinkhole on all sides, no longer running.

"We hadn't even had it two weeks when the accident happened," said Jaci. "We had made the down payment on it but hadn't made the first payment on it yet so that's frustrating."

Temporary tags made it through the mess much better than the bumper which was found in a gully 200 yards from the crater now covered in brand new blacktop, leaving the family a road to walk with nothing to drive.

"We're really kind of lost in what exactly we're going to do, but we're just kind of taking it minute by minute," said Jaci.

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